How Do You Tackle a Mess?

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My name is Andrew, and I have a messy workshop. I’d guess most of you do too. A workshop, a craft room, a shed – something we work in and never seem to keep clean. When we finally muster the strength to clean it up, how do we do it?

messy Recharge Workshop

Sneak peek at the madness I’m up against for next week.

I’m gearing up for a big cleanup of my messy workshop next week. As you can see, I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’m looking for advice on getting started, staying motivated, being efficient, and organizing. So hit that comment section before you leave.

A big clean-up post will follow my efforts and share my progress. Be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss it.

A little at a time or all at once?

How do you clean your work space? Do you find that it’s easier to set aside a day and just get it all done? Or do you make a bunch of little cleaning projects out of it to stay positive?

Or… are you one of those super humans who manages to maintain a clean shop at all times? If so, what’s your secret? How do you stay on top of it?

Help me clean my messy workshop…

Please hit the comments below and share your tips, techniques, and even your struggles in keeping your space clean and ready for new projects. Let’s help each other get organized in 2017.