Utilizing a Peg Board in Your Workshop

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Workshop Goals

Nearly two years ago, I installed this peg board. I had just built a workbench and set up a big shelf above it with a customized work light attached to the underside. Everything was in place for an organized and practical workshop!

But….. I had completed all this while in the middle of a project and I simply didn’t put in the effort to organize the peg board. At first I barely used it and then I bought a project truck which took up all my time. The peg board quickly got filled with junk.

Organizing a peg board wall

After all this time, I’ve finally prioritized my tasks (kinda). With the launch of Recharge Workshop in January, I made my focus first on getting the website and social media accounts in order and second on getting my workshop organized and ready for new projects!

Watch this time-lapse of my workbench getting empty and peg board getting full…

Yesterday was finally the day to put only useful things on my peg board. It’s made a huge difference in the feel of the shop and the accessibility of tools at the workbench. Also, I’ve decided that I need more peg board!

I’m no expert in organization, but for having a lot of tools and very little space to put them, I think I did a decent job. I mostly just filled the spaces with as many things as I could.

What do you think?

I’d love to do a follow up post on any improvements I make in the coming weeks. I’ve just picked up a used tool chest from Craigslist and I’ll probably relocate a number of these tools to its drawers. With that extra room, I’ll be able to optimize what I put where.

If you have a peg board, share a picture of your layout in the comments below. If you have any tips for me, please share! I would love to get the most out of my peg board and report back in another post to help out more people.

This was originally supposed to be a simple video post on Instagram and Facebook. But after spending half a day trying to get Instagram to upload and process the video, I finally gave up. Sharing the video here allowed me to share more info about the process anyway.