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Thanksgiving has passed, so now it’s Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!! Now you have to decide if you’re getting a real tree or a fake one. Either way, you may want to decorate other places in your house with a tree. I can think of no cheaper and more fun way to make Christmas tree decor than with pallet wood. Yay!

On Fridays we share four pallet projects that make us love free pallet wood! While there's usually a theme, sometimes it's just random ideas that we feel like sharing. You can find all included projects on our Pinterest board of the same name. Enjoy 4 Pallet Fridays!
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Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

Here are four really neat Christmas tree pallet projects to get your creative juices flowing. If I were you, I’d make all four… Oh, well, maybe I should!

Got any other DIY tree ideas? Let us know down below.

barebones pallet tree

Barebones pallet tree

Let’s start things off simple. I’m pretty sure you could make this pallet tree in under 3 minutes. Cutting the tree out of the pallet directly and then propping it up is genius. Paint at your own discretion, but either way, this one’s easy.

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chevron christmas tree

Chevrons on chevrons

Some people like chevrons. If that’s you, then you may just need to stop reading this and go make this amazing, chevron Christmas tree. I love how unique this looks. I’m not surprised at all that @hertoolbelt made this. I have come to expect all the cool stuff comes from her.

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flat stacked pallet wood tree

Spiral, flat-stacked tree

Okay, I wish I could find the original source for this incredible pallet wood tree, but I couldn’t. I really want to say thanks to whoever created this and then decorated it so wonderfully. Look at it! It’s awesome! I think it’s obvious how to put this together, so it’s okay that I can’t link to a tutorial. But sheesh, what a beautiful decoration.

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simple pallet christmas tree

Simple pallet Christmas tree

Last year, I made a tree just like this one after following @diyhuntress‘ tutorial. This one is fairly simple and shouldn’t take you very long. I love how rustic it looks. You can make these any size and put them all over your house.

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    Great picks, Andrew. I want to build all of them now! Thanks for sharing at our link party!

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