This is a provision of the Terms & Conditions policy.

Recharge Workshop is open to the following partnerships and collaborations, as well as others.

  • Direct advertisements
  • Sponsored posts
  • Promotions, giveaways, and contests
  • Social media campaigns
  • Freelance writing

Direct Advertisements

There are multiple locations across this website where banner and text ads can be placed. My goal is to keep the number of ads per page to a minimum. This is primarily to maintain a positive experience for the visitors of the website, but also increases the value and visibility of each advertisement. If you’d like to see your brand, product, event, etc. in one or more of these locations, get in touch.

Sponsored Posts

The content on this website is created to be engaging, inspiring, and truthful. Because I write my posts organically and honestly, I will only recommend products or brands that I either use myself, believe in, and/or think will be worthwhile to my visitors. If you believe your brand aligns with the content of this blog, get in touch.

Consider sending me your product beforehand for a more natural promotion with organic content.


I am open to offering occasional giveaways to Recharge Workshop visitors and social media followers. If you wish to sponsor a giveaway, and you believe your item is relevant to the Recharge Workshop audience, get in touch.


This policy valid from January 3, 2017