This is a provision of the Terms & Conditions policy.

The Recharge Workshop blog includes full posts and partial content written by guest authors from other websites. The content displayed on this website is edited and maintained to a high standard of quality and positive message. However, opinions expressed here or elsewhere by guest authors do not reflect the views and opinions of Recharge Workshop or its parent, Recharge Creative, LLC.

Become a Guest Author

Thanks for your interest in becoming a guest author. Our goal is to provide excellent, useful, and relatable content to our audience. If you have similar interests and a desire to help others with your knowledge and experiences, we’d love to have you provide content for our blog.

Recharge Workshop is open to the following types of content:

  • General posts which fit within the topics found on this blog (DIY, home decor, etc.).
  • Reviews of products and services useful to the audience of this blog.
  • Collaboration projects.
  • Lists and series posts.
  • Shared experiences relating to Etsy, selling online, running a website, DIY projects or other similar topics for bloggers and creators.

If you would like to offer your content or writing talent for publishing on this website, get in touch!


This policy valid from January 3, 2017