Growth Stats – January 2017

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Growth Stats

I have three goals for this business and website:

  1. Produce content that inspires and helps others.
  2. Improve my skill set by making, sharing, and teaching.
  3. Make money to support my family.

These goals fit well within my New Year’s Resolutions for this year. If you are new here, I suggest you read more about what this website and the Recharge Workshop brand are all about.

Specifically, #1 is relevant here. Helping others with DIY projects is great, but I think I can do more. Since I come from a web design background, building this blog and marketing my business on social media is comfortable territory. Therefore it could be helpful to others attempting to run a blog if I share my process.

Statistics for Jan 2017

While I won’t be turning this blog into a giant WordPress tutorial, I think it would be useful for me and possibly some of you if I shared my blog, social, and shop stats. This will help me see trends and identify what’s working and what’s not. If you run a blog or an Etsy shop, I hope this information will be of use to you.

Lastly, I want to share this with you because my hope is that Recharge Workshop will be more of a community than a faceless business. What’s mine is yours!

Social Media

I started the year with a 0 in every column. In future Growth Stats posts, these charts will have way more going on. For now though, it’s just 2 points of time: at launch (0) and at the end of the current month (the rightmost point of the graph).

Recharge Workshop social media followers for January 2017

Instagram is looking like it’s going to be my most gainful platform for a while. Even though a lot of my follows seem to be insincere, growth is growth. Twitter has been dying for a while, so I don’t expect much to happen there. But I’m most surprised about Facebook. I never thought I’d get virtually no followers on a platform so big. Apparently, my friends and family do not like DIY or home decor.


The Recharge Workshop blog is coming along nicely. Although I’m not getting any comments at this point, I am happy to say that I’ve only missed two planned posts. I’m a procrastinator, so it’s bound to happen from time to time.

Recharge Workshop blogging progress for January 2017

9 posts were added in January. Not bad for the first month of a blog. One of those 2 newsletter subscribers was me, but it’s something! 0 comments will hopefully change soon.

Recharge Workshop viewership for January 2017

I separated page views into its own chart because the scale was way different. I’m considering adding another metric to this chart but I’m not sure what’s useful in terms of website visits. Anyway, 239 page views is pretty decent.


There’s really no point in showing you this next chart because I haven’t started selling things in my Etsy shop. But for consistency, here’s a really boring bit of data.

Recharge Workshop Etsy shop progress for January 2017

Yep. 0 products0 sales, and 2 follows because an empty shop is just so enticing!

Actions to Take

To start with absolutely no content, followers, or traffic and get even this far in one month is exciting. I keep checking the Instagram and Facebook accounts and feeling let down by the lack of interaction. But I have to remember that those are just two parts to a very large puzzle.

I’m going to try to duplicate last month with the blog and hopefully put out an Etsy product or two. I’m wondering how much fluctuation I’ll see in these first few months.

See next month’s stats: Growth Stats – February 2017

I want your feedback!

Please let me know if you find this post interesting. If you have questions or suggestions, please add them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to address them.